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Sean O’Pry

Posted in Model by mibnufajar on January 15, 2010

Who’s the most popular male model at this moment ?

If you put behind the “one” Baptiste Giabiconi who got full backup from Karl Lagerfeld, i would say it’s Sean O’Pry. Forbes did name him the most successful male model in 2009. The reason is ? The face is just simply exquisite.

How it all started ? He was found via his MySpace account, which caught the attention of Lana Winters, owner VNY Models, who phoned Sean’s mother to get her permission to fly him to NYC. It took only three days before he landed a major ad campaign. “He came here with a little suitcase, not knowing what to expect and basically became a star overnight,” says Winters. “I’ve been in this business for a very, very long time and I’ve never seen anybody get such a response,” she said. So boys and girls, start putting out your pictures on the web with a phone number, who knows you probably get a call someday.

He is currently the second top male model on His latest campaign is for Emporio Armani this season (SS 2010)

Known better as Sean-O by family, friends and the fashion industry, so much trivia to tell about him, like how excited he is when he get to kissed Jessica Stam on one photoshoot or how he hate the perception that every male model is either willing take their clothes off for everything, or a gay. But pictures worth a thousand word isn’t it ? So, just stare at these pics.

The last one is a personal pic. :-p

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  1. slaveboi said, on February 3, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    favorite model of all time. 🙂

    the fact that he was discovered through myspace makes him more awesome!

  2. […] Korean brand using Sean O’Pry as the face of their campaign. After Thursday Island, Sean-O works with Tyler Riggs in Ziozia […]

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