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Runway : The Ugly from Milan Fashion Week 2

Posted in Runway Report by mibnufajar on January 19, 2010

This is the second of two part posts. You may find the first post here.

Giulani Fujiwara

Continuing the ugly invention by our favorite designer is the skirt. Turns out not only Pierfrancesco Gigliotti (Frankie Morello designer) who think that skirt should be happening next season, but also Giulani Fujiwara.

Alexander McQueen

The Fashionisto praise it as a camouflage inspired collection, but all i see is someone who’s running out of ideas and so frustrated that he intentionally throw a can of paint into his boring boring design and Voila ! Put a well-known label, have it run on Milan Fashion Week by a handsome model under ridiculous ninja mask and everyone will praise you.

Vivienne Westwood

I never really into anything that designed by Vivienne Westwood, or how there’s actually people who bought them. So I think i’m going to mock her everytime she came out with anything. Just look at this crap. The whole collection is a disaster.


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