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The Ugly from Paris Fashion Week

Posted in Runway Report by mibnufajar on January 27, 2010

Besides the oversharing of flesh in Alexis Mabille’s show, many of our favorite designer are showing their failed attempt to be creative. God, i need a sin confession just by seeing these stuff.

Romain Kremer

This collections remind me of some hospitalized bald cancer guy in a psycho-thriller movie set in 1940’s. And Dragon Balls.

Comme des Garçons

That shoes. I hate them. It’s a crime to wear them.

John Galliano

Seriously, what is that guy is wearing ? a corset ?

Walter van Beirendonck

Walter can Beirendonck whole collection is giving me tears. Hopeless tears.

Oh God. So, not only they give us that skin tight pants and heels, they also give us a rocket ! And here I am, thinking that our outfit couldn’t be any gayer and lamer at the same time. Everything in this picture is so wrong it should be burned.

What is that they wearing exactly ? And more appropriate question, how could someone in his sane mind would allow such ‘things’ running the runway in Paris ?


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