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New York Fashion Week Scrap Notes 1

Posted in Editorial by mibnufajar on February 16, 2010

New York Fashion Week review, my style.

Just like Gossip Girl once said, ” When the white tents blossom in Bryant Park it can only mean one thing: Fashion Week.” Although this year Mercedes-Benz sponsored New York Fashion Week started with tragic news when the super talented Alexander McQueen found death, let’s not mourn. What we should mourn about is the few collections among what I’m presenting below because the ugliness is in intolerable level.

DKNY showing some amazing jacket and blazer in their collections, clean cuts and the use of two tones in most of the tops are kinda cool.

Luxurious red jacket and Burberry style coat from Duckie Brown

Generra shows some nice knitted cardigan but ugly condom-looking hat.

Lacoste, the fun colorful brand showing nice range of colored garment but what i fond of is their white-ish pieces.

Transparent umbrellas ? Not so fond of them. Plain black umbrellas  is way more acceptable in fashion world. How about transparent raincoat ? Look what Patrick Ervell has to offer below

And, the ugliest model in most disastrous collections goes to : John Bartlett. This collections is a mix of everything but not getting anywhere.


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  1. Sherri Biren said, on February 28, 2010 at 6:25 am

    J’ai trouv ce site qui diffuse des vido de Top Models :, comment ca marche leur truc?

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