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New York Fashion Week Scrap Notes 2

Posted in Editorial by mibnufajar on February 19, 2010

This is the second part of my NY Fashion Week review, you can  find the first part here.

On my point of view, generally fashion shown in NY runways are more wearable than it’s counterpart in Milan and Paris, which are mostly art and really hauté. Calvin Klein, for example. Consistent to it’s futuristic and clean lines, the collection really is sophisticated and simple but elegant.

But sometimes, it’s waaaaay too futuristic.

Perry Ellis shows a very luxurious collections. The color chosen looks very ‘rich’. Amazing.

Michael Bastian shows it’s American style, but some consider it too casual for him. For me? They’re just fine.

Beside his own collection, Michael Bastian also collaborating with Gant, Swedish-owned-American-brand. Which in the show, I may highlight, showing a model wearing only white towel with a Nike Sandal.

For another eye candy, maybe Victor Glemaud can show you the way. The boots and knitted work is good.

Our beloved Marc Jacobs shows baggy pants. I don’t know how it will survived the reality outside runway, but we totally wear whatever Marc Jacobs design us.

For the ugliest collections, Thom Browne can have his crown. This totally feminine collection, with it’s furs, scarves makes the models looks like drag queen from the 60’s.

And for the last collection, Diesel Gold Black showed two items i would love to have, especially the white jacket. It’s a better version of white jacket i want from the Levi’s Spring Summer 2010 collections.


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