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Nils Butler, Sebastian Wirsing, Alend King

Posted in Model by mibnufajar on November 8, 2010

If a singer could get their “Artist of the Month” on MTv, models don’t get such privilege. They either stays for long like David Gandy (or maybe Gisele Bunchen and Heidi Klum for the more famous female counterpart), or being swept away in a matter of months by many, many new faces. That’s why only has “Models of the Minute” for the model they featured. Cos there’s way to many same beautiful faces and too little personality in modeling world. Here’s a few models that i think worth another minute of fame.


Nils Butler

From Elle Argentina, by Nicolas Valois

Sebastian Wirsing

Alend King

From Officina 36 Fall 2010 campaign by Paolo Monina